Festival of Banjar Belaluan

There are a few religious ceremonies organized by the banjar such as Banjar belaluan which is to commemorate the anniversary of the Banjar, an inauguration of  a new roof, new gamelan orchestra or dancing-group as well as private festivals of the members become banjar affair. 

The man is awakened in the middle of night by the kul-kul calling them to kill the turtles and the pig for a feast.  Only the men make the preparation of slaughtering the animals and making sure the freshness of the meat and the sauces in the difficult climate of the area. 

The men chopping meat, cooking and building a bamboo shed.  The women carrying water, making offerings, cutting out an ornament made of palm leaves or making little packages of sirih and betel for the guests.   

The banquet commenced at noon, the men sitting in the bale and two long rows facing each other, with their individual mountain shaped rice (symbolize the sacred mountain), pig , turtle, tuak (traditional wine), meat and completed by washing their hands (passing each other).  The rest of the day and night was spent watching cockfights, plays and dances.


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