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About Bali

Bali's reputation as a tourism heaven is worldwide. Its unique colorful culture added to its magnificent natural beauty has attracted people from all around the world for more than fifty years.

The miracle of Bali is that tourism had only little impact on traditional life and you can still see Bali as it was before the arrival of the curious foreigners as long you get off the beaten track and the few ghettos of mass tourism. Bali is definitely a perfect destination for people who want to escape the hassle of modern life and experience a return to nature and spirituality.

We have really a lot to learn from the art of living of the Balinese and their inner happiness based on a different way to face and handle what we, westerners, see as the «real world».

The Balinese have strong hindu and animist beliefs which make their lives softer and less "dramatic" than ours. The link to God is made by the prayer but also through dedication to art and a deep respect for social harmony.

Conflicts of personal interests have to be avoided because the main purpose of the Balinese is peace and thanking God for the beauty of Its creation. That's doubtlessly why the Balinese have a reputation of always smiling and easygoing people.

That's why on Bali you get the feeling of being dropped in the last paradise on earth. Of course Bali is not paradise — it has its own problems to face and to solve — but it seems closer to it than any other places in the world.

This is a fact easy to experience by yourself if you get some help to avoid mass tourism and get introduced to the «real Bali», the Bali whom Discover Bali Indonesia is the specialist.



Bali in Comparisons

The very good points about Bali

  • Original and fascinating culture, beliefs and art life
  • Amazingly hospitable inhabitants
  • Wonderful landscapes — there is all of it: rice fields, lakes, beaches, volcanoes, canyons, mountains, white water rivers...
  • One of the highest quality hotel industries in the world
  • Great traditional body treatments
  • Good diving, a big range of sea sports activities and international class golf courses

The less good points about Bali

  • Not much of real wilderness and wildlife left — disappointing national park
  • Opportunities a bit disappointing to climb to volcano
  • The mass tourism, if it is not avoided, can definitely spoil your holidays if you are allergic to it


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