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North and West Bali + East Java Package

Bali - East Java


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1st day:

In the morning you’ll head towards the mountains of northern Bali. Your first stop will be the temple of Sangeh which is nestled in a small forest that is described as “magic” by the Balinese as it is populated by a large colony of monkeys; the descendants of the famous so-called Hanoman, the monkey-king of Indian mythology. This will be on the way to the Jatiluwih area, a small mountain village tucked in a maze of rice terraces. For an hour or two, cross the paths of the rice field workers on a leisurely stroll. Take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the ancestral culture of the cereal that nourishes this island and the complexity agricultural design.

Later on you’ll be taken to the shores of Lake Bratan, whose waters often mingle with the clouds. You will have the opportunity to visit a temple and a very beautiful and photogenic flower market. After lunch you will take a breathtaking ridge road to the shores of the most untainted mountain lakes of Bali which you cross by boat guided by a fisherman, before undertaking a one-hour hike in the rainforest. Then we'll take you to see a giant banyan tree which is native to India and has the reputation of being the icon of meditation. This particular banyan is the largest tree on the island; here is a great spot to unwind in for an hour with its remote and serene backdrop of beautiful rice fields. In the late afternoon you’ll arrive at your first accommodation, run by a Balinese family in Lovina it is small, pretty and has an undisturbed view of the ocean (Reference CB-01). The bungalows are comfortable with open (yet private) bathrooms that all vary in decoration but all have that artistic Balinese flare.

After you’ve enjoyed the swimming pool, do take advantage of watching the sunset over the sea of Bali, it is the most tranquil way to end your first day. (CB-01 hotel, Lovina).


2nd day:

Your day will begin at dawn to board an outrigger canoe to experience an unusual sunrise with the possibility, if you wish, of seeing dolphins frolic about in the water. You will also have the opportunity to practice some snorkelling around the most beautiful reefs in this region. Back on dry land you will have time to get some rest at your hotel before heading back early in the afternoon.

Firstly, you’ll visit the most famous hot springs of the island. You can relax in a natural setting of great beauty with the knowledge that there are great benefits from this source of water. The baths are also lavish, carefully sculpted basins. It will also be possible for you to explore a small Buddhist monastery built on a hillside and gain access to the areas that are dedicated to meditation practice. After a zen moment there, you will go along the coast towards the west, stopping at Melanting temple, a mystic place with its own legendary tale is built on the edge of the natural park of Bali; here you will have some time to take a stroll.

You’ll conclude the afternoon by arriving at your next lodging (reference CL-01) which is superbly situated in a bay surrounded by the mountains of the Natural Park of Bali. This hotel is exotic yet decadent, the large beds are adorned with white drapes and linen and the stone bathrooms are sensual, open sanctuaries and of course, all are equipped with air conditioning. The large aquamarine pool has an impeccable view of the sea and the restaurant specialises in Thai cuisine. Just a stone’s throw away is a very pleasant beach with calm waters which is ideal for snorkelling; the coral is just a few meters from shore. You’ll have the rest of your evening free. (Hotel CL-01, northwest of Bali).


3rd day:

Enjoy this day to discover the small island of Menjangan, this little pearl is just 5 miles away from the north-west coast of Bali and is in the centre of one of the largest marine reserves in Indonesia. You can go scuba diving (extra € 70 per person) or surface diving (included) to observe the coral reefs which are perfectly preserved, with myriads of fish displaying the most vivid colours; a magical underwater realm that must be seen.

There will be lunch at a small restaurant along the beach. Early on in the afternoon you may visit the natural park trails which are authorised for vehicles (at very low speed!) to see deer, monkeys and birds in their natural habitat. You can then enjoy a drink in a panoramic wood restaurant which sits three stories above the forest, making it an excellent vantage point.

When you return to the hotel a traditional massage will be offered at a luxury spa, a recreation of beauty that belonged to an ancient king of Java. You’ll have the rest of your evening free. (Hotel CL-01, northwest of Bali).


4th day:

You will have some time to enjoy the beach before heading towards Java at 10:30. You’ll reach the port of Gilimanuk and by ferry you’ll cross the strait that separates Bali from Java in under an hour. Once you’re on the big sister of Bali you will continue along the coast towards the Bromo volcano, weaving through small towns and a Javanese sleepy fishing port where impressive and colourful boats are anchored.

By the end of the afternoon you’ll reach the edge of the caldera where you’ll spend the night in a cosy and comfortable hotel, but it may be more apt to say that it has more of a resemblance to a mountain lodge with a quaint historical feel from its period detail and decor; the view of the volcano from here is priceless (reference CB-04). You may be surprised to feel the drop in temperature here so do bring a sweater and a raincoat. The rooms are a little dated but comfortable and have hot water which is particularly important in this location! Sleep deeply between heaven and earth in beautiful silence (and under large blankets!). (CB-04 hotel, Bromo).


5th day:

You will witness the sunrise from the summit of Mount Panajakan (you will not be alone, but it's worth it) In a Jeep, view the magnificent landscape and the surreal lights between earth and sky as you descend into the caldera where you will begin your climb (very easy) to the small Bromo. Many Balinese people go across every year to gather at a temple in the middle of the ash lake that lines the caldera. The region itself is still populated by the last Java Hindus.

You will have breakfast at the hotel and then you can rest a little before leaving at midday towards the south coast of Java where the land and the Indian Ocean meet. After stopping at a beautiful mountain lake where you can observe traditional aquaculture, you’ll end the afternoon in a very remote area where we have selected a small hotel (CB-02) located at the edge of a village where time seems to stand still in the era of the Majapahit Hindu empire. This accommodation is alluring and feels somewhat earthy with its volcanic stone bathrooms but also quite charming with the dainty teak furnishings and splashes of colour.

Just a few kilometres away is of one of the most beautiful beaches of the Indonesian archipelago. By rickshaw you will go to a Joglo house, a traditional Javanese structure which consists of three carefully decorated rooms all equipped with traditional furniture, each are en-suite. There is also a very large terrace that overlooks a teak plantation and a vast expanse of rice fields, it draws you into contemplation. Having had time to walk to the picturesque village, Ibu Iin, the owner, will serve a festive Javanese dish, called "nasi Kuning", authenticity at its best. (CB-02 hotel, Meru Betiri Region).

  • Further your experience in this remote yet vibrant setting by having your hosts organise a performance of "Kuda lumping", a Javanese traditional dance that showcases a ‘trance’ style performance. Roughly twenty musicians and dancers participate in this three hour long show. This is an extra 100 € added to your overall plan for the benefit of the company and the village. This company performs during village festivities and rarely for travellers but they provide the experience for Discover Bali Indonesia.
  • There is also the possibility of staying in a villa nearby which is 250 square metres and consists of three bedrooms and a private pool (supplement of 60 € per person / minimum of 4 persons).


6th day:

In the morning you’ll head off to a spectacular white sand beach surrounded by steep hills at Madurese where resplendent boats are anchored. You may come across colonies of monkeys that emerge from the jungle or you may even see their coastal cousins, the famous Komodo dragons (which are harmless). You can walk to the summit of a small hill where you will have a breathtaking panorama which is perfect for reflecting and gathering your thoughts in general tranquillity.

After you've feasted on fish on the grill and have spent time sitting by the big blue, travel on to a wide river where you can leave the vehicle for a ride on a motorcycle taxi that will take you through the emerald waters via a makeshift bridge in the woods (but guaranteed safe!) that brings you to a region that is inhabited by dirt roads. You’ll visit one of our secret places from which you will undertake a one hour and a half round trip hike through the jungle. You’ll be rewarded with a large beach which is completely deserted and as untouched as it was at the dawn of the world ... a truly magical place. The waves of the Indian Ocean here are allayed by the depth of the bay and you can swim right in the middle of pure, pristine nature.

At the very end of the afternoon you’ll return to your accommodation for a free evening where you can dine at the table of your host or at the night market in the neighbouring town (CB-02 hotel, Meru Betiri Region).


7th day:

In the morning you'll be able to have a little bike ride through the countryside and visit a blacksmith who makes knives and tools with an ancestral know-how. Then it's time to move on towards the east through the pass of a mountain that is often called "miracles" and reach the midday altitude at a village where you will have a two-hour ride in a traditional carriage to see the hamlets and the many coffee plantations in the region (it’s completely authentic and not touristic at all!).

At 4pm you’ll continue on your way to the town of Banyuwangi. You will have time to stroll through the traditional market where you will attract a lot of surprised looks and smiles before settling at a boutique hotel (ref: CM-02), on the edge of town. The bungalows on this site are scattered in a vast coconut grove that has a large swimming pool where you can cool off at all hours of the day and night, top quality comfort and of course air conditioning is provided. If you wish, your guide can take you to dinner at a typical restaurant or at the night market, but you may as well take advantage of the fine dining restaurant of your hotel; the "lumpia" is a mouth-watering delicacy (CM-02 hotel, Banyuwangi).

  • There is the possibility of giving preference to stay in a magnificent luxury hotel (supplement of 70 € per person) which is surrounded by rice terraces (reference CS-01). It is a little gem of a place situated in these remote areas of Java, offering gourmet cuisine and fine service an, attractive royal-sized pool and extremely elegant rooms. Relax in these enchanting surroundings before hitting the Ijen volcano the next day.


8th day:

Ijen volcano will be first thing on the agenda for you, which you’ll make your way to by Jeep in order to make the ascent up over the sulphur. You will live an unforgettable experience in a setting that is both dream and hell and has been the subject of numerous documentaries (including those made by Nicolas Hulot). After two hours of walking, you'll be able to descend into the crater to the edge of the turquoise lake, if the fumes of sulphur are not too stuffy.

Around midday, you’ll resume back on the road upon which you traveled from Bali to cross waters again by ferry. Back on the island blessed by the gods you’ll follow the coast south and have a stop at the Marine temple Rambut Siwi before moving to your luxury accommodation at 5pm.(ref: CL-02) The bungalows are nestled in a vast coconut grove that borders the Indian Ocean. They are decorated with a high degree of refinement, bespoke details in the furnishings and are somewhat sensually rustic, each with a private garden and a partially open en suite bathroom. You’ll have the rest of the evening free (Hotel CL-02, southwest of Bali).


9th day:

Having had time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of your hotel you will head further south of Bali to get to the temple Batukaru. It is located on the edge of a rainforest and overlooks the coastal plain south of the island.

In the afternoon you may choose to go to Taman Ayun which is the temple of the royal family of Mengwi that was built in the seventeenth century and has an overall ‘zen’ inducing structure. Or you may prefer to visit the temple of Tanah Lot which is built on a rocky outcrop separated from the shore at high tide (by agreeing on this choice you’ll be momentarily subjected to mass tourism!).

Before night fall, you’ll be taken to the accommodation in the area you previously chose (Ubud, Sanur, Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran or Nusa Dua). If you like, during this day we could arrange for you to participate in traditional festivities (cremation, a temple anniversary, a wedding, or the filing of teeth!) this could very well be the highlight of your stay.

The benefits:

Your English speaking guide will be happy to advise you, but will also adapt to any time you wish. You have the ability to change your choice of activities. He may stop at any time and change course. Of course he will continuously strive to use the roads that give you a much more intimate connection with true Bali. If you come across a religious ceremony, you may well decide to get your vehicle to participate in the procession for a while; you are in charge.

The program of your stay is flexible; it will not hinder your freedom. You can change it on the spot even after acceptance of this estimate (excluding night stays).

We greet you at the airport, and we will be present on the island for the duration of your trip so you can intervene if necessary. We will answer your questions and also look forward to meeting you in the middle of your tour (if you let us of course!).

Everything is done for you to be immersed in the authenticity of Indonesia; it’s up to you to make the most of all it can bring, in respect of the inhabitants, and in relation to your specific needs.

Upon your request we can take you to a school and / or clinic campaign (the ability to distribute school supplies and medication). For ethical reasons we must know that these institutions are always different so as not to corrupt the spontaneous exchanges. On this subject know that Bali is forbidden to mix authentic 'charities' and marketing, and will always be discreet about its own actions in this area.


Costs include:

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • The reservation fee    
  • The payment of your private English speaking guide for 9 days (including accommodation and meals, except those made at your table upon your invitation)    
  • The rental of your air conditioned car and petrol for 9 days    
  • Entries into the temples, palaces, museums and archaeological sites    
  • Activities specified in the estimate included.


Not included in this package:

  • Return flights to Indonesia and airport taxes (about 12 € paid upon return)    
  • Special insurance which would be advisable to acquire    
  • Lunch and dinners    
  • Activities not included in the estimate    
  • Costs related to program changes that are made at the last minute (change of hotel reservations)    
  • Tips
See descriptions for details

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