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A responsible tourism

For the preservation of cultural and natural heritage

Discover Bali Indonesia deeply believes in the significant role the Balinese culture plays in the world (a true “spiritual Amazonia”) and considers that it is valuable and inspiring for all human kind. Currently only tourism provides Bali and Indonesia to influence somewhat the West by raising travelers awareness over the benefits of a daily life more oriented towards nature and spirituality.

However Discover Bali Indonesia is fully aware that no form of tourism can completely avoid destroying, to some degree, the aboriginal way of life but we believe that it is possible to limit the “damage”, and do our best in that purpose.

A meeting with the inhabitants on an equal basis

Discover Bali Indonesia wants to encourage encounters and exchanges with the local people. They can take place during a walk, in a market, during village festivities, in the street, in a restaurant, no matter, but they have to be “natural” and on an equal basis. We strongly favor small hotels and their hearty atmosphere, rather than international hotels where employees (and tourists) are merely numbers. We are particularly shocked by a recent phenomenon in the luxury tourism in Bali which is about renting private villas including the staff. The service is provided by local people reduced to the status of “servants”, as in colonial times, when the natives had to be “civilized”. Discover Bali Indonesia fights this new kind of cynicism, in total contradiction with sustainable tourism, jeopardizing the relationship’s quality between the Balinese and the foreigners.

An activity which benefits fully to the local economy

Usually the population of emerging countries does not benefit so much from touring packages. The alternative tourism proposed by Discover Bali Indonesia allows you to enrich local economy more broadly by bypassing the usual procedures and in particular important commissions taken by agencies based in developed countries, as well as by big international hotel groups. Bringing you on small roads, in remote areas, money spent during your visits, meals, various purchases will go directly to people generally left for consideration by the tourism industry. You should also know that Discover Bali Indonesia, through its company PT Different Bali and Indonesia Tours and Travel, is subject to taxes in Indonesia.



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