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About Lombok

Lombok is often compared to Bali as it was before the invasion of the tourists. Well this might be somehow true considering as Lombok has got a lesser developed tourism industry and the lower life standards of its inhabitants.

A smaller amount of people are living on Lombok than in Bali so it leaves more space to unspoiled nature. But, even though there are some Balinese people living for ages in Lombok, Lombok and Bali are fairly different in terms of beliefs, ethno psychology and general ambiance. Lombok is definitely not a "second Bali" even though the size of the island and the natural beauty is similar in many aspects. Lombok, although quite poor in cultural heritage compared to Bali and Java, can be a great tourism experience. You are definitely back into older times and a king of more primitive ambiance.

People are usually friendly but contacts with them are not that easy.

Economical difficulties and a more orthodox way of practicing Islam than in Java make inter-cultural exchanges sometimes difficult.

But this might be the sort of adventure you are looking for! If you are looking for magnificent beaches and luxury accommodation for a leisure stay, or, on the other hand, if you want to trek or climb an astonishing volcano (Rinjani volcano on Lombok is superb) than Lombok should not be missed.


Lombok in Comparisons

The very good points about Lombok

  • Great white sand beaches
  • Rinjani volcano and its natural reserve, a number one destination for nature lovers
  • Very high quality beach resorts
  • Interesting handicrafts

The less good points about Lombok

  • Not much of cultural heritage
  • Much less of a "paradise" ambiance than in Bali
  • The hotel industry is most concentrated into Kuta and Sengiggi area, leaving other areas almost empty
  • Travelers have to face the risk of malaria disease (preventive treatment highly recommended)


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