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Bali + Sulawesi (Toraja Land and Bugis Land)

Bali, Sulawesi


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1st day:

You’ll be greeted in a personalised way when you arrive at Denpasar airport; you’ll have the chance to get to know your English speaking guide who will offer to take you, if you’d like to dispel the fatigue and aches of your journey with a traditional Balinese massage at a beauty salon just a few minutes from the airport. This massage will last one hour and is included in your package. This is your chance to have your first dose of the sweet life in Bali, our travellers love this introduction. Once you’re nice and relaxed, you’ll head along the south-east coast (our specialist area) and arrive at the heart of traditional Bali. This journey will take about two hours during which you can take in the vastness of Bali’s landscape. Your first accommodation is wonderfully secluded in a cove in the far east of Bali (reference CL-07). You’ll feel like you’re in a Conrad novel in this fantastically refined site, the view from the outstretched wooden decking is just breathtaking. Sample some Balinese specialties at the family style restaurant and indulge in a traditional massage (if you enjoyed your complimentary one so much) which is available to order here at this little ocean side gem (Hotel CL-07, deep in the far east of Bali).

  • We'll meet you during your journey in a small restaurant by the sea where we can answer all your questions and give you your welcome gifts.
  • The alternative to meeting you at the airport is to meet you at an arranged venue in the South of Bali (Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Bukit ...) once you’ve settled in.
  • If you’d rather not stay in a completely isolated location, we’ll offer you the opportunity to stay in Candidasa instead (reference CL-12). This accommodation is wonderfully pretty and has eight elegant and comfortable bungalows, all with partially open en-suite bathrooms. Each bungalow is separated from one another by dainty little fish ponds. The pool is a good size, and the restaurant offers a varied and delicate menu and overlooks the sea; it is magnificent to dine before this setting as the sun is going down.

2nd day

First thing on the agenda for this day is entrance into the Amlapura Royal Palace, which is still inhabited by a few aristocratic descendants; soak up the history that hangs in the atmosphere here. Afterwards, you’ll then be taken to a traditional market where you’ll have the chance to sample some local specialities. In the afternoon, you’ll be able to bathe in the private, fresh water baths of the ancient king of Karangasem (who had extremely expensive taste!). Once you’re nice and royally refreshed, you’ll be able to take a short hike in the beautiful rice fields in the region of Tirtagangga.  Your guide will lead you to a beautiful and very well hidden white sand beach where you will meet the fishermen of the village and try a freshly cut coconut. You’ll be back at your accommodation in the late afternoon for a free evening (hotel CL-07, deep in the far east of Bali).

  • If you’d prefer something sportier then you might decide to hike for about three hours, heading towards the Pura Lempuyang temple which is the highest perched temple on the island and has a stunning view of the Agung volcano. This trail is considered to be a walk of purification by the Balinese which is rewarded with meeting Sang Hyang Widhi, the supreme god of their island to whom you can dictate your desires!

3rd day

Early in the morning, you’ll go along one of the most scenic roads on the island, skirting around the east and Mount Seraya; you’ll see very remote villages with volcanic stone houses. You will stop in Amed, home to fishing villages and colourful boats to observe the prehistoric techniques of salt making, before moving on northwards to Tulamben to snorkel and see the wreck of a ship from World War II. By mid-afternoon you’ll travel through backcountry to get to the small village of Budakeling, where you can visit the workshops of jewelers before making a short walk up a small temple where you get a breathtaking view of the region. Then you will stop at Ujung Water Palace, where 400 concubines of the king once swam, before returning to your hotel for a free evening (hotel CL-07, lost in the far east of Bali).


4th day

First thing in the morning you’ll venture on a one-three hour hike (depending on your desired degree) in the deep countryside, crossing traditional villages that are tucked right in the midst of rice paddies. This will walk you down the mountain and into the plain, exploring both beautiful rural landscapes and the daily lives of these quiet villages; these trails are completely removed from the touristic paths. You will end your tour with a visit to an aboriginal tribe (the original inhabitants of Bali, before the Javanisation).

You’ll have your lunch at Padang Bay, with the opportunity to get to a small white sand beach which is only accessible by foot; if the tide permits, you might want to snorkel. The town of Klungkung will be next on the itinerary where you’ll visit to the Palace and the old Court of Justice, which has a fantastic painted ceiling depicting scenes from Balinese mythology. You will also get to explore an interesting museum devoted to daily life and Balinese traditions before setting off to the mountainous hinterland, and visit the area where people live as they did in the past, following the ceremonies and celebrations of the traditional  Balinese calendar. On this plateau of rice fields and hills, a sacred river flows with transparent waters and is a natural Jacuzzi.

We have selected a fantastic place for you to stay here at the south of the Agung volcano (ref: CM-06). The six rooms in this accommodation are grand and luxurious by their size and tasteful furnishings. They are light and airy with great views of the volcano. The menu of the restaurant is extensive and the quality of service is exceptional in this very remote and hidden area. When you arrive you’ll have the opportunity to take a leisurely walk through the rice fields and swim in the river. The rest of your evening is free to relax (CM-06 hotel, mountains of central-east).


5th day

You will head north early morning into the deep mountain forest before reaching the stunning caldera of the Batur volcano and the gigantic lake. After taking in this stunning view, you’ll explore the caldera itself (with the possibility to descend on foot, it has some steep passages but is still easy to attempt). The drive will take you through the lava flowing hills to a village of low stone houses that are quite reminiscent of Tibet.  We will visit a small temple whose history is marked by the eruptions of the Batur which it miraculously survived. Your guide will then lead you to the majestic mountain, Gunung Kawi, where you can see the huge rock-cut tombs and the sacred baths of Tampaksiring.  Heading in the direction of Ubud, the cultural and artistic capital of Bali, you’ll make a stop at the village Petulu where you’ll see hundreds of herons congregating before you arrive at your next accommodation late in the afternoon (reference CB-07). Your nights’ stay is located in a village by the Monkey Forest Sanctuary (ten minute walk) separated from downtown. The bungalows are particularly warm and tastefully furnished and there’s a small private garden hidden from view. You can also enjoy the pool and the hotel spa that offers various treatments, all in a friendly and intimate environment. The rest of your evening is free. You may want to dine in the city centre which is full of excellent restaurants that offer all sorts of cuisine (CB-07 hotel, Ubud).

  • If you’d prefer something a little smaller and unique, there’s the opportunity to stay in other accommodation in Ubud for an extra € 10 per person (hotel referenced CM-05); this location sits in the depths of ​​vast rice paddies, completely untouched by tourism. The six rooms, half wooden bungalows from Java (joglos), are tastefully arranged. The quaint and pretty restaurant offers dishes that are created with the use of local products; the pool is a lovely size; it is romantically authentic, the only disadvantage of this accommodation is that it is a 20 minute drive from the centre of Ubud. However it is still possible for you to dine in the town centre if you wish, at the reception desk, transport can be arranged upon request.
  • Alternatively, for an extra € 180 per person you may opt for a highly luxurious hotel (reference CS-02) which is located close to the centre of Ubud and honours the artistic Balinese style of sculpture. This place overlooks a small valley with a glorious landscape. The pool is majestic and the spa is one of the most famous in Ubud. The rooms and villas are built and decorated with traditional materials; this is the spirit of Bali at its most decadent.


6th day

Start your day with a visit to one or two art museums, one of which is dedicated to Antonio Blanco, the "Dali of Bali", an eccentric painter who specialises in erotic and tropical expressions. The Neka museum highlights the history of Balinese painting, from the historical and religious tradition right through to its contemporary expression.  You’ll be taken up to Kintamani by car where you’ll start your bike ride, in the company of your guide, back down to Ubud. You’ll follow a route off the beaten path through the heart of traditional Bali, weaving through remote villages and passing some of the oldest temples on the island (dating back to the ninth century) that are not shown on the maps and you’ll be cycling through some small forests and terraced rice paddies landscapes. Back in Ubud (past the finish line ...) you’ll be rewarded with a body treatment (called "mandi lulur") which is offered in beautiful spas of resplendent Asian design which will be followed by a steam treatment which will replenish your skin. The massage therapist will pass a soothing ointment over the body, before doing a ‘peeling’, ridding your skin of all dead cells. The treatment will end with a relaxing essential oil and flower bath. In the evening you’ll have the chance to watch Balinese dances at the Palace (about 7 € per person) (CB-07 hotel, Ubud).


7th day

In the morning you’ll explore a site that dates back to the Buddhist Indo time of the eleventh century, where you will also have the opportunity to take a one-hour walk in the rice fields and along a river shaded by coconut palms. Then you will take the side roads along an impressive canyon before reaching the Sukawati market, which specialises in the sale of textiles and fabrics as well as crafts at very attractive prices.

At midday you’ll have your lunch on the beach of a small fishing village where you can sit down and enjoy some fish skewers while you peacefully observe the comings and goings of the colourful boats. In the afternoon you will go to Bangli, a town situated at the heights of Gianyar, to visit Pura Kehen, the private temple of the royal family of Bangli. This temple is a miniature replica of the famous temple of Besakih. You’ll also stop at a village that has preserved its traditional architecture (this is an opportunity to introduce you to "Balinese feng shui") and it continues to maintain ancestral customs, it turns its back on modernity. You can also enter the house of Pak Nangah Karsa, who is quite a colourful character! This renowned artist is a sculptor, dancer and musician. He manufactures and handles with great dexterity, puppets for shadow theatres, hiding behind the masks he has designed to perform a dance from the Ramayana and creates sound using the various gongs of the gamelan orchestra from his studio. He and his wife will welcome you for an hour or two for a session of exploring Balinese arts. In the early evening, you can enjoy an authentic Balinese night market in Gianyar (perhaps you'll be tempted by the suckling pig?) or you may spend the evening in a restaurant in Ubud (CB-07 hotel, Ubud).


8th day

first thing in the morning to board a flight to Makassar where you will be greeted by your guide who is a specialist in touring Sulawesi. You will go directly towards the north across Bugis villages, which is where some great sailors who ventured to Madagascar live. The houses are built on stilts, which protects them from snakes and other dangerous reptiles. After an impressive landscape of jagged limestone mountains, you’ll have lunch on the beach in a small traditional restaurant. You’ll then continue along the sea and by mid-afternoon, you’ll come to the small port town of Pare-Pare, partly built on a mountainside. This is where you’ll spend the night, which will beneficially cut the long journey from Toraja to the airport in half. We've selected a small comfortable hotel downtown (Reference SA-35) that has air conditioning and WiFi (which is rather unusual in this part of Indonesia!). This place mainly hosts Indonesian sales representatives and businessmen, tourists are rare. After dropping off your luggage we suggest you take a fishing trip for an hour and a half on a traditional small catamaran that will take you to the typical village of Ujung Loe where you’ll have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters. Back on dry land you will walk to the colourful town market and dine in one of the eateries along the borders of the sea or in a restaurant in town, offering  mainly Chinese cuisine based on fish and seafood (CB-09 hotel, Pare Pare).


9th day

After an hours’ drive you’ll come to a beautiful valley through which flows a large river where the Toraja people came to settle many centuries ago. If the water level permits you may decide to cruise along in a canoe for two hours (additional cost of 20 euro for the hire of the canoe, highly recommended). This valley leads to the spectacular region of Enrekang, a word in the Toraja language that means "disembarkation". There you will stop to admire a magnificent mountain landscape carved by erosion that suggest some rather  "erotic" shapes, here you may enjoy your first cup of Toraja coffee, one of the most precious in the world. The road will then become increasingly curvy and it is with joy and relief that you reach the high plateau in Toraja early in the afternoon, where the sky seems suspiciously low. You will benefit immediately from its extraordinary landscapes by a very easy walk for a couple of hours through typical villages to see houses on stilts that have a boat-shaped roof, built in a web in the rice fields. Here you’ll see some buffalo grazing (these animals are considered very precious in Toraja) and you’ll take a route off the beaten track which has been artfully prepared by our guides. By nightfall, you’ll come to your next lodging (reference CM-11). This enchanting, traditional Toraja building is very decent and comfortable without being luxurious, the pool is huge and the restaurant is satisfactory. The arrangement of this site brings out the serenity in the village of Toraja which makes it a particularly pleasant place to stay. You’ll have the rest of this evening free (CM-11 Hotel, Country Toraja).


10th day

After a gentle wake up and a chance to enjoy the pool, you will head to the village of Lemo where the Toraja people once built burial chambers for deceased kings. The chambers are cut into the cliff and are closed off with wooden doors and are guarded by "Tau Tau" figurines which are impressive sculptures, carved to resemble each deceased king. Then you’ll make your way to the village of Suaya where you’ll be told the tradition of "baby-trees" up on the Londa burial cliff. In the middle of the afternoon you will visit Kete Kesu, one of the oldest villages full of very traditional Toraja houses (the boat-shaped Tongkonan) you’ll notice that these nautically shaped houses are influenced by the fact that the Toraja are a seafaring people (CM-11 Hotel, Country Toraja).

Know that your guide will always be delighted to include short walks during your stay in Toraja (no extra charge if less than three hours) on your application, based on your desires.


11th day

In the morning you’ll visit the amazing buffalo market of Rantepao. Next, you’ll witness the extravagant funeral rites which take place during the colourful processions, traditional dances, but also terrible buffalo fights and the sacrifices of animals. You will also have the opportunity to get to the artisan village of Palawa and if you wish, you can also have an easy one-hour hike through the rice fields towards Batutumonga. Late in the afternoon you’ll go through the picturesque village of Siguntu before returning to your hotel for a night off (CM-11 Hotel, Country Toraja).


12th day

You’ll leave early in the morning for your next stop in the heart of Bugis country. You’ll pass mountains thick with jungle where no man lingers, before descending down into the coastal plain region of Palopo. You’ll be welcomed by a Bugis family for lunch before continuing your journey. Along the way you’ll visit families that do handicrafts and weaving and by 4pm, you’ll reach the small town of Sengkang. It borders the famous Tempe Lake around which Bugis civilization began some three thousand years ago. You will embark immediately on a long canoe to discover a whole new realm of labyrinth-like river and lake dwellings. You’ll glide along the water beneath flocks of birds, including various species of herons, to a village of stilt houses in the middle of the lake where the fairy lights that glow at night are poignant and poetic. Later, you’ll settle into the best accommodation in town (reference CB-10), it isn’t your conventional definition of luxury, but remember you’re in the depths of Indonesia here! The rooms are air-conditioned comfortable and have what you need, there’s a large pool and massages are available. You may want to have a walk in the evening around this big town where the tourist is greeted with a beaming smile, enjoy dinner at a diner or a small restaurant (CB-10 hotel, Sengkang).


13th day

You’ll have time to have stroll around the large town market in the morning, where local silk is rather affordable before moving onto your next location of the seafront in Bira. After crossing a plain with few inhabitants, you will enter the region of Sinjai which is very hilly where the contours of the vast rice terraces are perfect circles. After you’ve had your lunch, you may wish to have an hour and a half trek up a to the amazing canyon waterfalls before continuing the road to the south coast. What awaits you there is one of the best beaches in the word, you’ll be mesmerised by its beauty. You will spend the night in a small brand new site (reference CM-12) which is splendidly isolated out in the middle of this "postcard" place. The three bungalows are all air-conditioned and have magnificent views of the vast glistening turquoise waters.  The small restaurant is quality, the drinks are wonderfully refreshing and there is plenty of great fish to eat and of course, there is an onsite pool for you to enjoy (CM-12 hotel, Bira).


14th day

Of course, when one is in Bira they must set out to sea!  Mid morning, you’ll board a small traditional Bugis boat to go to a small island where you can observe the daily life of villagers that are recluse from the modern world. You will also have the opportunity to snorkel and explore the seabed in various spots and will be introduced to the local fishing techniques. The rest of your evening will be free (CM-12 hotel, Bira).


15th day

You’ll leave at 8am and head in the direction of Ujung Pandang which is about four hours away. You will have lunch in a small restaurant overlooking the harbour of Makassar before visiting Fort Rotterdam, an impressive legacy of the colonial Dutch. By mid-afternoon you’ll be taken to the airport to board a flight to Bali where a Balinese driver will welcome you and will take you to the location in the South of Bali that you’ve chosen (Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Bukit ...) where you’ll end your stay with Discover Bali Indonesia (CM-13 Hotel, Sanur).



The benefits:

Your English speaking guide will be happy to advise you, but will also adapt to any time you wish. You have the ability to change your choice of activities. He may stop at any time and change course. Of course he will continuously strive to use the roads that give you a much more intimate connection with true Bali. If you come across a religious ceremony, you may well decide to get your vehicle to participate in the procession for a while; you are in charge.

The program of your stay is flexible; it will not hinder your freedom. You can change it on the spot even after acceptance of this estimate (excluding night stays).

We greet you at the airport, and we will be present on the island for the duration of your trip so you can intervene if necessary. We will answer your questions and also look forward to meeting you in the middle of your tour (if you let us of course!).

Everything is done for you to be immersed in the authenticity of Indonesia; it’s up to you to make the most of all it can bring, in respect of the inhabitants, and in relation to your specific needs.

Upon your request we can take you to a school and / or clinic campaign (the ability to distribute school supplies and medication). For ethical reasons we must know that these institutions are always different so as not to corrupt the spontaneous exchanges. On this subject know that Bali is forbidden to mix authentic 'charities' and marketing, and will always be discreet about its own actions in this area.


Costs include:

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • The reservation fee    
  • The payment of your private English speaking guide for 15 days (including accommodation and meals, except those made at your table upon your invitation)    
  • The rental of your air conditioned car and petrol for 9 days    
  • Entries into the temples, palaces, museums and archaeological sites    
  • Activities specified in the estimate included.


Not included in this package:

  • Return flights to Indonesia and airport taxes (about 12 € paid upon return)    
  • Special insurance which would be advisable to acquire    
  • Lunch and dinners    
  • Activities not included in the estimate    
  • Costs related to program changes that are made at the last minute (change of hotel reservations)    
  • Tips
See descriptions for details

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