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Jogjakarta and Central Java

Central Java, Jogjakarta


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1st day:

Upon arrival at the airport in Yogyakarta you will be greeted in a personalised way and have the chance to get to know your english speaking guide. He will offer to take you, if you’d like, to a beauty salon to enjoy a traditional Javanese massage for one hour (included) that will dispel the fatigue of your journey and give you your first dose of the sweet life in Indonesia. Once you are good and relaxed, you’ll reach your first accommodation (hotel CM-01), located just south of the city, it invites you to sleep in authentic Javanese houses which were solidly built by villagers. In charming wooden finish, the six houses offer an excellent level of comfort all of which include air conditioning and fixtures that stay true to the traditional interior design. You can also cool off in a lovely pool and visit the huge collection of Javanese art in a small museum attached to the hotel, the artist is the hotel owner himself. This accommodation has the ambience of traditional Javanese style which the city often attempts to stifle. In the evening you will explore the royal city of Yogyakarta in a rickshaw (included) in order to soak up the special character of this city. We will also give you the opportunity to experience a phenomenon which is considered "supernatural" by the Javanese, and in any case is quite comical! (CM-01 hotel, Yogyakarta).

  • There is the possibility for an extra € 30 per night per room to stay at the hotel (reference CL-03) located just steps from the famous Jalan Malioboro, the main artery of the city. This large international brand has maintained calm and authenticity and has managed to retain a touch of colonial architecture; more like a dainty set of cloisters than a hotel, it truly is a haven in the heart of the city! It has clean comfortable rooms with a luxurious spa and pool on site.


2nd day:

After a gentle wake up you will start the day with a visit inside the Sultan's Palace, the gateway to the depths of the Javanese philosophy and beliefs of this very refined nation. The bird market is next on the agenda, a very picturesque place to be before having a stroll through the streets of Kraton to bathe in the old harem.  In the early afternoon you will visit the Royal Cemetery of Imogiri, which is perched on a hill halfway to the south coast. This is a place of pilgrimage for followers of Javanese mysticism and it radiates spirituality; this is an opportunity for you to wear the traditional Javanese attire.

Later we'll take you to visit the famous Hindu temple of Prambanan which is impressive in height considering it was built in the 8th century. It has wonderful frescoes depicting the epics of the Ramayana. In the evening you will attend a dance performance narrating the epics of the Ramayana on the site of the temple of Prambanan. (Dusun Jogja Village Inn, hotel unreferenced) (CM-01 hotel, Yogyakarta).

  • There is the opportunity of attending a ballet of Ramayana for an extra 15 euro per person. In the event that there isn’t a performance in Prambanan, your guide will take you to the Pura Visata theatre in the centre of Yogyakarta.


3rd day:

Early in the morning you’ll head towards the breathtaking region of Gunung Kidul, the heart of Javanese mysticism (‘Kejawen’) which resembles in many respects to Hindu Balinese spirituality. This region, because of its limestone mountains, is full of caves that are perfect for meditation. For very many centuries it has attracted mystics and kings of Java that have come in search of wisdom and powers. We will help you experience the unique character of this coastal mountainous region by taking you to places completely magical and unknown to other tour operators.

You will initially visit a cave that has been transformed into a Christian place of worship which is rather unusual, and is also occupied, especially at night, by Kejawen mystics. Then you’ll go to a small but striking white sand beach where you can swim before buying the fishermen’s catch of the day. These are then passed to the grill by a Javanese family who will welcome you with open arms in their small bamboo house that faces the ocean. Pak Imo, your host, is a master of meditation and practices shamanism to help those who want it. Early in the afternoon we'll take you to a deserted beach where you’ll find a Hindu temple.  This is one of the holiest places of Javanese mysticism and if the tide is suitable you will experience something quite unforgettable (we won’t spoil the surprise by telling you here!).  

Late afternoon you will head to Parangtritis to see a spectacular sunset over the waves of the Indian Ocean. You can also visit the mythical place where the young Senopati, founder of the empire of Mataram, entered the sea to get to the underwater kingdom of Ratu Kidul. During three nights, the Queen of the South Seas taught him the art of love and of war. You’ll then head back to your accommodation where you’ll have rest of your evening free. (Dusun Jogja Village Inn, hotel unreferenced) (CM-01 hotel, Yogyakarta).


4th day:

In the early morning you’ll plunge into the maze of Beringharjo, the largest traditional market in Jogjakarta where you can find anything: food, clothing, spices, handicrafts, batik, sculpture, jewellery and other trinkets in an atmosphere where bargaining is the way (but always done with a smile!). You’ll then stroll along the Malioboro Avenue; the students of the city learning French like to compare it to the Champs-Elysees. Here you’ll find cheap crafts and have a stunning walk. Then you’ll take the road to Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world, which was once the place to study par excellence for monks across Southeast Asia. Perhaps this visit will mark the beginning of your spiritual quest to Nirvana? The monument itself has been built as a gigantic mandala which is a geometric design, originating from India which promotes healing and meditative practice.

You will end your afternoon by arriving at your Dutch Colonial accommodation (ref: CM-03) located in the region of Wonosobo.  The huge dining-room has kept its period features (you can even see many bullet holes in the floor!); it has a bar with a pool table and a fine collection of colonial paintings and posters. The rooms are very comfortable with air conditioning course and there’s a large pool on site for you to enjoy. The rest of your evening is free (CM-03 Hotel, Java).

  • By visiting Borobudur you will be able to stop at the house of a maker of the famous kris – Indonesian daggers that have wavy blades like a snake believed to hold magical power.


5th day:

Early in the morning, ascend to the heights of the Dieng Plateau, which literally means "close to the Gods" in an hour's drive through beautiful terraced crops. You will visit its many small temples, including one of the oldest in Java which was built in the eighth century; there were 400 of them before Islamisation. The plateau is a timeless place, with breathtaking scenery, which has several small smoking craters and lakes coloured by a secret volcanic chemistry. You will be asked to contemplate and reflect, you may feel strange emotion as you stand by one of the roofs of the world. You will return to the plain in the middle of the afternoon and at 5pm you can settle into a hotel located in the foothills of Magelang (ref: CM-04), where you can observe the surrounding rice fields and the peaks of the volcano Sumbing. The rooms are truly luxurious, but rather conventional in their arrangement. Do enjoy their pool, it is one of the most unusual we’ve seen! The rest of your evening is free (CM-04 Hotel, Magelang).


6th day:

Early morning you will depart towards the east, stopping at the solid Merapi volcano. You will initially benefit from the magnificent view of the volcano from the observatory of Babadan then you’ll go over to the south side where you will visit a place of astonishing beauty, a museum that houses historical art that compares the rival sultanates of Solo and Yogyakarta. After lunch in a restored Dutch colonial house, you will undertake a two-hour ride on the slopes of "Monster Merapi" to observe the fresh flows of lava. Then head to the city of Solo as you pass around the north to reach the foot of the volcano Lawu. You’ll settle into your hotel at 6pm in the outskirts of the city of Solo.


7th day:

Early morning you will visit the Sukuh temple which strangely resembles some of the Mayan temples. The temple was built while the Islamisation of Java, from north to south, was already well advanced and it seems that the population of the region has "taken refuge" in the beliefs of pre-Hindu animist rituals. The temple itself is distinguished by very unusual statues and sculptures that are deliberately erotic or pornographic, attracting young Javanese couples. After this perhaps surprising display, you'll be taken up to where tea is grown; the panorama is impeccable. You can take a walk through the plantations which are very photogenic and be able to meet the warm locals. Then you will continue to gain altitude up to the Ceto temple, located north of a village whose residents continue to embrace the Hindu religion. This beautiful temple that has thirteen terraces is the only in Java that continues to be "alive" (here they hold ceremonies that are similar in Bali) and it is with great emotion that one leaves this "last Gallic village". In the middle of the afternoon you will discover the Grojogan Sewu waterfalls (also called the “waterfall miles”), before returning to your accommodation for a free evening.


8th day:

Start your day with a visit of Kraton in Solo before you go to a museum with interesting collections including porcelain and bronzes. After lunch in one of the small restaurants in town you can stroll to the flea market where you’ll find all sorts of objects, the merchants are warm and good-natured. You will also discover the fabric market, where batik fabrics and all colors mingle happily. Then you will be brought to the airport or to Solo, Yogyakarta to end your stay with Discover Bali Indonesia.


The benefits:

Your English speaking guide will be happy to advise you, but will also adapt to any time you wish. You have the ability to change your choice of activities. He may stop at any time and change course. Of course he will continuously strive to use the roads that give you a much more intimate connection with true Bali. If you come across a religious ceremony, you may well decide to get your vehicle to participate in the procession for a while; you are in charge.

The program of your stay is flexible; it will not hinder your freedom. You can change it on the spot even after acceptance of this estimate (excluding night stays).

We greet you at the airport, and we will be present on the island for the duration of your trip so you can intervene if necessary. We will answer your questions and also look forward to meeting you in the middle of your tour (if you let us of course!).

Everything is done for you to be immersed in the authenticity of Indonesia; it’s up to you to make the most of all it can bring, in respect of the inhabitants, and in relation to your specific needs.

Upon your request we can take you to a school and / or clinic campaign (the ability to distribute school supplies and medication). For ethical reasons we must know that these institutions are always different so as not to corrupt the spontaneous exchanges. On this subject know that Bali is forbidden to mix authentic 'charities' and marketing, and will always be discreet about its own actions in this area.


Costs include:

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • The reservation fee    
  • The payment of your private English speaking guide for 8 days (including accommodation and meals, except those made at your table upon your invitation)    
  • The rental of your air conditioned car and petrol for 8 days    
  • Entries into the temples, palaces, museums and archaeological sites    
  • Activities specified in the estimate included.


Not included in this package:

  • Return flights to Indonesia and airport taxes (about 12 € paid upon return)    
  • Special insurance which would be advisable to acquire    
  • Lunch and dinners    
  • Activities not included in the estimate    
  • Costs related to program changes that are made at the last minute (change of hotel reservations)    
  • Tips
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