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Charming Budget Hotels

Nothing in this world is absolutely perfect and we believe that it is our duty to inform you of any weak points that some hotels may have, even if they are the best in a particular region; some may be small or located in a remote area but we maintain our authenticity through offering you the most in each experience whether that be luxury or not.

All photographs have been taken by us during our repeat visits to each location. We aim to present the accommodation in its true form and won't bother with embellishing the images as we would like you to see them for what they are, in reality.

The quality of accommodation may improve with time or may deplete, due to various reasons (change of direction or lack of maintenance etc) this can happen in just a few months. But we consider customer feedback to be very important and it helps us greatly to review our selection.

CB-01: A warm and charming site in Lovina

The first attraction that hits the eyes here is the beautiful and undisturbed view of the ocean. Run by a Balinese family, this accommodation is small and pretty and the bungalows are comfortable with open (yet private) bathrooms that all vary in decoration but all have that artistic Balinese flare.

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CB-02: Charming home-stay accommodation, East Java

This small guesthouse is located in one of the remotest parts of Java where the bicycle is still the most used means of transport. You will completely escape the modern world by tasting the delicious timelessness of rural life. The three rooms have teak furniture and are crafted in pure Javanese style with nice bathrooms that are carved from volcanic stone...

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CB-03: A quaint colonial hotel (Java)

Located on the flanks of the Lawu volcano, this Dutch colonial hotel overlooks the magnificent crater Lake. There are terraces attached to the beautifully periodic rooms, with hot water in the bathrooms and living rooms with fireplaces, which you wouldn't usually see in Indonesia. It is simple but comfortable and the surroundings make up for anything else that might be lacking.

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CB-04: Overlooking the caldera of Bromo volcano (East Java)

This hotel puts you at the forefront of this magnificent landscape. The rooms are basic but equipped with hot water which is essential at this altitude, where temperatures can drop to 5 degrees at night. They also have small terraces that overlook the caldera and there's even the opportunity to enjoy a glass of mulled wine in the company of Indonesians! This place has...

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CB-05: A quality guesthouse in Munduk

This brand new property will delight those who wish to be in a remote location without compromising with western comfort: hot water, luxurious furnishings, spotlessly clean. This is not a "favorite" because there are other hotels that are more "authentic" in the region but it is a safe bet. The view from the rooms on the second floor, which we prefer, is very wonderful.

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CB-06: In the center of Ubud (Bali)

Welcoming address located in the center of Ubud. However, by taking the path along which are built rooms, it has the impression of being in the rice fields. Rooms pretty well-kept, beautiful pool, and a sense of welcome that is unfortunately sometimes lacking in many neighboring hotels.

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CB-07: A small, intimate hotel In Ubud (Bali)

This accommodation isn't one to be envied by royal standards but is certainly a jewel in this category. Each bungalow has a terrace and small garden which aren't overlooked by prying eyes and the rooms relate in some way to the level of luxury. There is a lovely pool on the edge of the rice fields and there are spa treatments at low prices. Here you can enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside while being just a 5 minute walk from the centre of Ubud.

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CB-08: Overlooking the beautiful bay of Labuhanbajo

This small hotel which has only three air-conditioned bungalows, brand new, is, according to us, the best option in Labuhanbajo to enjoy a good level of comfort. Impregnable view on the bay, excellent restaurant, service both dependable and familial

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CB-09: The best address of the harbor village of Pare Pare (Sulawesi)

This hotel, as all those of this small town, was not conceived to accommodate foreign tourists but provides however surprising modern aspects like WIFI (free and works very well, we tried it) and a lovely dining room. Some ones will be interested in the fine collection of Chinese vases of the owner of the property. Rooms are functional, very clean and air-conditioned...

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CB-10: The best address of the village of Sengkang (Sulawesi)

We do not expect to find a hotel with a pool in that village, nice, but lost in the middle of nowhere, so far away from the tourist Indonesia, and so that is with a peculiar pleasure that we relax there. The hotel, headed by a princely Bugis family, is one of the best in the city, and if it does not correspond to a “charming” address, it offers a very satisfying level of comfort...

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CB-11: Authenticity in the heart of Sanur

This address, which was initially a homestay, was transformed over time into a hotel with nearly 20 rooms all with a king size bed. But the hospitality and the atmosphere remained intimate (the management is homely as at the beginning) and the Balinese architecture is honored, what is increasingly rare. Statuary, carved wooden doors, elegant garden, we are sure that we are here in Bali! At this low price...

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CB-12: In a tropical garden on the Gili Air island

This small guest house, located in a tropical garden where grow hibiscus, jasmine, bougainvillea and frangipani, is a love nest which will delight those who are looking for an intimate and romantic atmosphere. The bungalows with traditional architecture, some of which are air conditioned (we book them in priority if they are available) are provided with bathrooms partially open with hot water. The restaurant is attractive...

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