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East Bali + Flores (Komodo Archipelago)

Bali, Flores


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1st day:

You will be picked up by your Discover Bali Indonesia English speaking guide in the morning at your chosen place of stay. You’ll then head in the direction of the magnificent caldera of the Batur volcano and its beautiful lake. After soaking up the glorious landscapes you’ll begin to explore the caldera itself; you’ll have the possibility of descending on foot for a two-hour walk, which does have some steep passages but is easy enough to attempt. You’ll then be driven through the hills that are coated in the lava that freshly flows and make your way to a village of low stone houses which are quite reminiscent of Tibet. You’ll visit a temple whose history is marked by the eruptions of Batur which it miraculously survived. In the Late afternoon you will come to an area where people live as they did in the past, following the ceremonies and celebrations of the traditional Balinese calendar. On this plateau of rice fields and hills, a sacred river flows with transparent waters is a natural Jacuzzi. We have selected a fantastic place for you to stay here at the south of the Agung volcano (ref: CM-06). The six rooms in this accommodation are grand and luxurious by their size and tasteful furnishings. They are light and airy with great views of the volcano. The menu of the restaurant is extensive and the quality of service is exceptional in this very remote and hidden area. When you arrive you’ll have the opportunity to take a leisurely walk through the rice fields and swim in the river. The rest of your evening is free to relax (CM-06 hotel, mountains of central-east).

  • You can modify your program for this day to ascend the volcano Batur instead. The hike is neither very difficult nor very long (about an hour and a half to reach the summit). You will need to accept the fact that you will encounter mass tourism there and will have to pay extra for the presence of a local guide, which is absolutely mandatory! This will cost approximately 20 € per person.
  • Alternatively, you may replace the ascent of Batur with another hike. This 3 hour walk round trip will take you through the primary forest that sits halfway up from the summit of Gunung Abang (2152 metres). During the climb, you will discover some Hindu shrines hidden away in a nature preserve. You may also decide that you’d like to continue the ascent to the summit (2 hour walk).

2nd day

In the morning you will have the opportunity to undertake a trek through the rice terraces, which concludes by climbing a hill to a small temple that dominates the entire region like an eagle's nest. To reward you for this effort we invite you to swim in the clear waters of a river which begins at the foot of the volcano. In the afternoon you can have a peak at the traditional craft of weaving and visit a small distillery of arrack, traditional Balinese alcohol. You’ll visit the temple Besakih next, the largest on the island which is built on the flanks of the volcano Agung and is considered the home of the Gods. In the late afternoon you’ll return to your lodgings where you’ll have a free evening. If you’d like, during this day, we could arrange for you to participate in traditional festivities (a cremation, a temple anniversary, a wedding or a teeth filing session!) this might just be the highlight of your stay (CM-06 hotel, mountains of central-east).

3rd day

The town of Klungkung will be first on the itinerary where you’ll visit the Palace and the old Court of Justice, which has a fantastic painted ceiling depicting scenes from Balinese mythology. You will also get to explore an interesting museum devoted to daily life and Balinese traditions. Then you will move onto the market town, where the displays of flowers and gift shops mix with weavers and tailors. There’ll be lunch at Padang Bay, with the opportunity to make it to a small white sand beach which is accessible only by foot. If the tide permits, you’ll have the chance to snorkel. You’ll then have the opportunity to venture on a one-three hour hike (depending on your desired degree) in the deep countryside, crossing traditional villages that are tucked right in the midst of rice paddies.  This will walk you down the mountain and into the plain, exploring both beautiful rural landscapes and the daily lives of these quiet villages; these trails are completely removed from the touristic paths. By late afternoon, you’ll come to your next accommodation which is wonderfully secluded in a cove in the far east of Bali (reference CL-07). You’ll feel like you’re in a Conrad novel in this fantastically refined site, the view from the outstretched wooden decking is just breathtaking. Sample some Balinese specialties at the family style restaurant and indulge in a traditional massage (if you enjoyed your complimentary one so much) which is available to order here at this little ocean side gem (Hotel CL-07, deep in the far east of Bali).


4th day

First on the agenda will be a visit to the Palace of Ujung Water where once swam 400 concubines of the king. After this, you’ll take one of the most picturesque roads, going along the coast and skirting the eastern Mount Seraya; you’ll see very remote villages with volcanic stone houses. You will stop in Amed, home to fishing villages and colourful boats to observe the prehistoric techniques of salt making and have lunch. In the afternoon you’ll head to Tulamben for a dive to see a World War II shipwreck and the aquatic life that has made this their choice of habitat (€ 60 for two dives). Then bathe in the private, fresh water baths of the ancient king of Karangasem (who had extremely expensive taste!). Once you’re nice and royally refreshed, you’ll be able to take a short hike in the beautiful rice fields in the region of Tirtagangga. You’ll then return to your hotel for a free evening (hotel CL-07, lost in the far east of Bali).

  • There is also the possibility of attending a late afternoon Balinese cooking class at your hotel (25 euro per person).


5th day

First thing on the agenda for this day is entrance into the Amlapura Royal Palace, which is still inhabited by a few aristocratic descendants; soak up the history that hangs in the atmosphere here. Afterwards, you’ll then be taken to a traditional market where you’ll have the chance to sample some local specialties. By mid-afternoon you’ll travel through backcountry to get to the small village of Budakeling, where you can visit the workshops of jewellers before making a short walk up a small temple where you get a breathtaking view of the region.  Then your guide will take you to a white sand beach which is difficult to access and very well hidden, but worth the discovery. You will meet the fishermen of the village and can enjoy a freshly cut coconut. You’ll walk alongside the ocean towards the west, stopping at a temple that faces the sea; its caves are populated by hundreds of bats. In the late afternoon, you’ll settle in at your quiet and intimate accommodation (Reference CB-11). Located just two hundred metres from the beach, this site is very much appreciated for its authentic Balinese character. It was once a home stay before it expanded; the rooms are spacious and comfortable and there is a large onsite pool for you to enjoy. The rest of your evening is free (CB-11 Hotel, Sanur).


6th day

In the morning you’ll be taken to the airport to board a domestic flight for about an hour to Labuhanbajo-Flores (flight included). Pedi, your English speaking guide who specialises in the region will meet you and take you directly to a small hotel that overlooks the sea (Ref: CB-08). This accommodation isn’t defined as luxurious but it certainly offers proper comfort, including hot water and air conditioning; the view from your terrace is magnificent. In the middle of the afternoon you will go to the cave Cermin Batu, a palace of natural mirrors where you can watch turtles and see fossilized shells. Later you will walk through the main street that is lined with Labuhanbajo Bugis houses built on stilts where you’ll soak up the atmosphere of another time before attending a photogenic sunset on the beautiful bay. Your late evening is free (CB-08 hotel, Labuhan Bajo).


7th day

Early in the morning you will take a fishing boat to the small uninhabited island of Bidadari to do a two hour snorkelling session (you should be able to observe some sea turtles) before heading to Rinca which is particularly inhospitable to human presence. This is why many tombs of kings were placed here to avoid looting. One of the kings buried here was Sriwyjaya, founder of the Hindu-Buddhist first dynasty of the Indonesian archipelago. The heat is sweltering in Rinca and as you hike, you’ll shed several litres of sweat! It may feel rather “hellish” but it is a beautiful hell and one that is rewarded with the sight of wild boars, wild buffaloes, monkeys and lizards that are sometimes longer than three metres. Your trail guide will protect you from these monstrous survivors of prehistory but won’t tempt fate by approaching them too closely. At 4pm, you’ll leave Rinca and take the direction of the Kalong island which you’ll reach by twilight to see where thousands of bats take refuge, some of them weigh more than three pounds! You’ll throw down the anchor for the night on the rich fishing grounds (your guide will teach you the rudiments of traditional angling). Enjoy the silence and the black waters that reflect the stars until that silence is broken by the success of a catch! You will sleep a very deep sleep, lulled by the sea, far away...


8th day

You will disembark at 9 am on the island of Komodo and undertake a shorter walk than the previous day, which is also a little more protected from the sun by more dense vegetation, befitting an animal variety that is wider than Rinca. You can observe cockatoos, wild fowl, and countless deer in addition to the fearsome dragons. It will feel like you’re in a magical forest with wild animals running around everywhere. After lunch you will visit the unique village of Komodo populated by fishermen after which you’ll go to one of the most amazing snorkelling spots in the world (the only exception we’ve ever seen is the Red Sea). The diversity of corals and fish in one place is just breathtaking and enchants every moment in the experience. You will spend another night on the boat which will be moored near a small island, protected from the wind and the waves.


9th day

In the morning watch the stingrays and observe the underwater surface (the boat will follow at very low speed). After your snorkel, you will have lunch on the boat while visiting the small island of Sabolo where you’ll come to a beautiful "fall" of coral reefs. You can also dock at one of its deserted white sand beaches. In the late afternoon, you’ll reach your next (and rather unusual) accommodation just a few kilometres from Labuhan Bajo (Reference CM-07). Beautifully arranged on the hillside, these wooden bungalows get gorgeous views of the bay. The hotel industry in Flores is usually quite gloomy but this site is full of life and vigour. The restaurant overlooks the long white sand beach which is the best kind of scenery for enjoying a fine cuisine meal. Massages and body treatments are available in the onsite spa (CM-07 hotel, Labuhan Bajo region).


10th day

At around 8 am, you will board a boat chartered by the hotel that takes you back to the port of Labuhanbajo. Your guide will meet you there and you will have time for a last drink in a restaurant that overlooks the bay before flying to Bali in the late morning (flight included in your package). This will be the end of your stay with Discover Bali Indonesia.


The benefits:

Your English speaking guide will be happy to advise you, but will also adapt to any time you wish. You have the ability to change your choice of activities. He may stop at any time and change course. Of course he will continuously strive to use the roads that give you a much more intimate connection with true Bali. If you come across a religious ceremony, you may well decide to get your vehicle to participate in the procession for a while; you are in charge.

The program of your stay is flexible; it will not hinder your freedom. You can change it on the spot even after acceptance of this estimate (excluding night stays).

We greet you at the airport, and we will be present on the island for the duration of your trip so you can intervene if necessary. We will answer your questions and also look forward to meeting you in the middle of your tour (if you let us of course!).

Everything is done for you to be immersed in the authenticity of Indonesia; it’s up to you to make the most of all it can bring, in respect of the inhabitants, and in relation to your specific needs.

Upon your request we can take you to a school and / or clinic campaign (the ability to distribute school supplies and medication). For ethical reasons we must know that these institutions are always different so as not to corrupt the spontaneous exchanges. On this subject know that Bali is forbidden to mix authentic 'charities' and marketing, and will always be discreet about its own actions in this area.


Costs include:

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • The reservation fee    
  • The payment of your private English speaking guide for 10 days (including accommodation and meals, except those made at your table upon your invitation)    
  • The rental of your air conditioned car and petrol for 9 days    
  • Entries into the temples, palaces, museums and archaeological sites    
  • Activities specified in the estimate included.


Not included in this package:

  • Return flights to Indonesia and airport taxes (about 12 € paid upon return)    
  • Special insurance which would be advisable to acquire    
  • Lunch and dinners    
  • Activities not included in the estimate    
  • Costs related to program changes that are made at the last minute (change of hotel reservations)    
  • Tips
See descriptions for details

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