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Truly customized tours

Discover Bali Indonesia, unlike conventional operators, is delighted to organize for you, according to your desires, nature, budget, tastes, and depending on whether you are traveling alone, in group, with children, truly customized holidays, totally private (you do not share your vehicle, neither your guide with any other travelers), to Bali, Java, Lombok, Sulawesi and Flores, off the beaten track.

Please note that to ensure the quality of our service we voluntarily limit our reception capacity: we invite you to forecast beforehand your travel for we are compelled each year to reject customized tours requests, especially during school holidays.

Absolutely private tours:

You will never be “attached” to another group of travelers. Your guide is only taking care of you, and is fully able to respond to your evolving wishes. You are the only master on board.

Personalizing your tour begins when you ask your free customized tour quote and fill in our questionnaire, very detailed, which allows us to be aware of your wishes very accurately (length of stay, range of hotels, types of activities etc.). Due to this valuable information, and your selection of one of our packaged tours that is the closest to your desires, we can establish a suitable stay, handmade, that we will send to you via Internet usually within 48 hours.

Expertise that allows flexibility

Our local knowledge allows us to really customize our tours and to be very flexible. Quotes are written by Sarah or by Laurent (see “about us”), two Europeans deeply immersed in the Indonesian everyday life for many years, and who have developed knowledge (language, culture, traditions…) and an very sharp expertise in tourism. This expertise is taken over by our English speaking guides who have been especially trained to be able to provide the Discover Bali Indonesia service and bring you to places that we selected, often “off-track” and unknown from guide books. Interacting with you, and becoming day after day traveling companions, Discover Bali Indonesia’s guides adjust yo your “last minute” desires, and provide the finishing touches to your customized travel.



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