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Jl. Batuyang Kangin 3X
Batubulan, Gianyar
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Name : Laurent Volk

Jl. Batuyang No. 3X Batubulan Kangin, Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia.

(+62 / 0) 361 - 7854 229

(+62 / 0) 361 - 299 093



Name : Stephane Erler

3F, No. 57, Alley 27, Lane 372, Chung Hsiao East Rd, Sec. 5, 110 Taipei

093 525 6337


Taiwan’s contact for Different Bali & Indonesia. 33 years old, married to a Chinese/Taiwanese woman, two children. He has been living in Taiwan for 8 years. Of French and German nationality, he graduated at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with an MBA.

He speaks French, German, English and Mandarin. Several trips to Bali had him convinced that Bali is THE vacation paradise. Discover Bali Indonesia can help you organize your tailor-made vacation if you want to escape crowded Taiwan.

Top 10 reasons to go to Bali with Different Bali & Indonesia (DBI) if you live in Taiwan:

  1. To escape the hustle and bustle of Taiwan’s crowded streets,
  2. To discover even friendlier people than the people of Taiwan,
  3. To indulge in spas, massages, meals… for a fraction of what they cost in Taiwan,
  4. It’s much closer than Hawai, Europe or Australia.
  5. You don’t want to spend a week with a group of Taiwanese tourists.
  6. You want to discover the real Bali, go beyond the 5 star hotel,
  7. You deserve to be treated like a person, not like a tourist.
  8. You long for simple pleasures, like the smile on a child’s face
  9. Bali is the island of Gods and welcomes those who come as friends.
  10. You’ll come back with the joy of Bali in your heart.

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