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Gili Islands



About Gili

The word “gili” means “island” in Lombok's local language. There are many “gili” in Lombok but the “Gilis” now commonly refer to three tiny islands about an hour away from Lombok's north-west coast called Gili Air, Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, which have become "touristy tropical paradise".

The "paradise" is easier to find underwater around the islands than on the islands, to say it frankly. Yes the islands are ok but there are not as great as most of the guide books and tourism websites are saying. It is quite easy to go there and that's why they have developed as a main touristy attraction, beside excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. The Gilis are a good destination for a 3 or 4 nights stay if you want to relax and/or enjoy sea activities.

But don't expect any unforgettable cultural experience as the local inhabitants (they are mainly newcomers from Sulawesi) only moved to those islands to develop tourism as a new and profitable "white coconut industry".

Not much of authenticity but you are on a small island with some nice white sand beaches and no cars around and you might not have it in your neighborhood when you will be back to your country!


Gili's in Comparisons

The very good points about Gili

  • Superb diving
  • Fair white sand beaches
  • Good value hotel industry (except during high season)

The less good points about Gili

  • Not much authenticity left over there
  • It can be full and feel like Kuta-Bali (budget travelers’ ghetto with lots of drinking places) has moved on a small island (this might be a dream for some of us though...)


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