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Customer Feedback

The emotional journey of Fanny and Adrien
(12 days in Bali, October-November 2011)


Hi all,

Explain briefly the richness of our stay in Bali? How to define the beautiful scenery, its colourful mix of different shades of green and colourful sarongs, and trays of offerings?

How to make comprehensible the friendliness and quality of the exchanges we had with our guide Swueta and the people we encountered at random from our walks?

How to tell that this trip was obviously too short, but thanks to the professionalism and passion of the entire team of DBI, who brought my son and me to discover the most culture and fabulous people in one country. I think the best way to explain all this, is to share some pictures and then especially...to go urgently!!

Fanny and Adrien


30th Wedding Anniversary of Irène and Daniel
(13 days in Bali, September 2011)


We loved our trip; it was wonderful, beyond what we ever imagined. But most of all we had a real heart for our helping guide, Yassa. Throughout our stay, he shared with us his island that he knows and loves so well.

We really felt like we were not customers or tourists but friends to whom he showed magical places. He understood our desires, our way of travelling and this enabled us to make suggestions and he stuck to our expectations perfectly. He took care of us, and was constantly listening to our desires. Thanks to our discussions we enjoyed every aspect that the island and its inhabitants were able to offer us which was very important to us.

There was flexibility in the course of days and nothing was fixed which was much appreciated. The entire circuit was perfect. The hotels were all superb, especially Candidasa and Ubud, two little gems with staff that were more friendly than the other hotels. We loved our cooking classes and meeting with a massage expert in Ubud.

Thanks to Yassa, in warungs, we discovered the diversity of Balinese cuisine. It is with great pleasure that we recommend this to our friends.

Our best wishes to all the team and especially to our guide Yassa.

Irène & Daniel 


Isabelle and Jean-Jacques
(14 days in Bali, September 2011)


Hello to all the team

Terima Kasih to the whole team who listened to us since the very beginning of our contact and who put together a trip that we were fully satisfied with.

A big thank you to our driver, Sudiana who accompanied us and was so warm and friendly and never imposed anything but allowed us to discover this beautiful island which he knows so well; it's full of refined traditions and landscapes which are often breathtaking! With all our friendship, good luck to all the team and keep doing your job SO WELL!!


Jacques & Isabelle


The authentic journey of Marielle and Andrew from Aix-en-Provence
(14 days in Bali and Nusa Lembongan, August-September 2011)

Travel giant!

Recommend it without reservation. The authenticity is present throughout the stay.

I cannot even say what we preferred: the illegal cockfighting, the transfer to the scooter on the island of Nusa Lembongan, the nights in the rice granaries, snorkelling, lunch in taverns, massage, the shower under the waterfall (not tourist), the smiles and beauty of the Balinese, the patience of our guide, walks in the forests or in rice fields, the discovery of new flavours in the markets,

... 100% fabulous.

Marielle and Andrew



The unforgettable moments of Pascal and Jean-Bernard
(26 days, August-September 2011 in Bali, Lombok and East Java)


Older travellers but still independent, we hesitated before entrusting our travel plans to Genuine Bali. Indeed the conduct of the three islands we wanted to go to was difficult and it was risky to drive a rental car ourselves.

Once there, this choice proved to be the right one very quickly. Not only are the roads choked with motorcycles, horse carts on Java and Lombok, rickshaws, trucks and pedestrians, in addition the road is driven on the left, we'd be exhausted at this impossible feat. As for signaling or other archaeological sites, even with a map, only the driver / guides knew the roads. Briefly on this point, Genuine Bali was a good choice.

But beyond this practical aspect, with Bali Authentic activities were proposed day by day, we met artisans or people out of the ordinary that we would probably never have met in independent travel. It is the same for certain activities (bike, snorkel, canoe, etc ...) that we would never have dared to do on site.

Most importantly, there were our driver guides on each island:

* Agoes (aka Abu Adam ...!) in Lombok,
* Wayan (who speaks lovingly of his island) and Mahdi (who is unbeatable in volcano knowledge) in Bali
* Hermann (who now pronounces perfectly the word "fish") on Java

With all we had a great time. Each of them, punctual to the minute, kind and helpful and they always tried to understand what our interests were to enrich our daily program, they gave us daily surprises or discoveries sometimes at the expense of their rest time ... just to please.

We have seen the seriousness of the structure of Bali Authentic which has set up a perfect organisation.

We thank everyone and we thank specifically a "certain" Laurent with that "chance" (?) who made us walk a little bit of a starry night on the uncertain paths of Dharma ...to the bottom of Ambulu, where blacksmith's bellows came to life on the Sukuh temple ...

Pascal and Jean Bernard



The serene voyage of Jacques, Patricia, Benjamin and Laetitia
(25 days, August 2011)


Already 15 days since we returned! With a head full of images, smells and memories. And fortunately because the pictures are there, we also remember a detail, a smile, a sunset... So much to tell you but first of all, THANK YOU.

So much to tell you but first of all, THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for the impeccable organisation, the selection of hotels, stages, sites, excursions.

THANKS for the availability of all, of Laurent who welcomed us, of Erman (sorry for spelling), her kindness, her laughter and good humour, which was contagious, which we piloted in Java, who told us so much, such details, with which we discovered and experienced unforgettable moments.

THANKS to Wayan our Balinese driver who in the rice fields, explained the cultivation of rice, on the Hindu religion and its rites, he knew we wanted to go further to meet, to read, to understand and learn differences and customs. It was so touching that time when we visited the primary school in his village, the smile of every child!

In short, on all fronts we were delighted and captivated with this trip as were our two children, a young adult of 24 years and a 16 year old.

My husband and I enjoyed being supported by our guide and driver to let go, to watch, enjoy and relax.

The hotels were so varied, always a great comfort and seduced us with: site, homeliness, decor, ambience and diversity. Truly a journey that corresponded with our expectations; what we wanted to live. Indonesians are very friendly people and smile so much, how different from our jaded and sad Europe.

We can only recommend a trip to DBI in Indonesia and if one day we return to Bali or to another destination such as Lombok, we will use DBI. And here's a selection of some photos as evidence of these moments of serenity. Sincerely

Jacques, Patricia, Laetitia and Benjamin


The family trip for Celine, Emmanuel, William and Alexander
(19 days, June and July 2011 - Bali, Yogyakarta and East Java)



How to summarise our trip to Bali and Java? It's impossible. It was such a delight, such pleasure from the first minute we set foot on Java, to the last moment breathed in Bali.

So many memories: the beautiful scenery (Bromo, Kawah Ijen, beaches, mountains, rice fields, ...), the rich culture (Yogyakarta temples and even the Bali temples), such friendly people who give their joy at all times, for the pleasure of giving, without necessarily waiting for the return, the food is never boring (oh la la, rambutan, mangosteen, banana, jackfruit, for cons, forget the durian) the weather was mild.

All the good times are also compared to the excellent organisation of this trip, with various hotels with great benefits, the guides were so nice (Surya, Herman: thank you for this amazing journey with you on Java; Wyang, thank you for trying to make us discover the richness of Balinese culture).

And to choose our favourite moments?

We played this difficult game:
- For Celine: Candi Cetho, for the atmosphere and the view of the landscape after a storm.
- Alex: Borobudur, for its fantastic atmosphere and Buddha everywhere!
- For William: the temples of the Sacred Spring in Bali, Galungan
- Manu: the motorcycle rides in the woods of Java, to a paradise beach.

We still have how many islands to visit?
Thank you for everything.


Sonnet Family

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