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Flores, Rinca and Komodo archipelago

An ethnological, natural and unique heritage in the world

This part of the Indonesian archipelago seems to stagnate in time, like Komodo dragons, these lizards more than three meters long, survivors of Prehistory. The dry savannah of Rinca and Komodo islands but also the lowland from Flores give a very different image of the Indonesian tropics than the one we have of the most visited islands like Bali, Java and Lombok, known for their luxuriance.

It seems that if this region with a harsh climate is adapted to dragons, it has been less to humans and other mammals. So the discovery in 2004 of  bones “homo floresiensis” in a cave near Ruteng, in the heart of Manggarai country, showed that the population who lived there about twenty five thousand years ago did not exceed at adulthood the current size of a three year old boy. Bones from about twenty Stegodons, miniature version of the actual elephant were also found in that cave. We prefer not imagine the result if a “homo floresiensis” crosses on his path a Komodo dragon, or we strongly wish that the little man climbs successfully a tree or sneaks a mouse hole in a jiffy!

It is not rare even today that the giant lizards still present on the northwest coast of Flores make of a young child their today's special. Maybe all these stories about dragons, “legendary” creatures, had their origin, real, in this end of world, then peddled by merchants crisscrossing the region for ages to China and even to the West? This could be a chimera but however, it is certain that when a Komodo giant lizard looks at you straight in the eye and starts to move pulling his endless and forked tongue in your direction, you have crazy images that arise from your childhood, you feel afraid…

The islands of Komodo and Rinca, become Natural Park (entrance fee quite expensive about 20 euros), are perfectly returned to the wild state, that is good news. On the other hand, it is sad to see that the island of Flores, populated by seven different ethnic groups, mostly Christian without completely turning their back to animism, is neglected in terms of infrastructure by the government of Jakarta.

Its development is near zero, which will be pleasant for travelers looking for authenticity and ready to face primitive conditions of accommodation and especially transport (the roads in Flores are a real test for your body) but less adapted for those who want to combine discovery but at the same time want a bit of sweetness and romance…

That is why Discover Bali Indonesia proposes you to limit your discovery of this part of the Indonesian archipelago at the Manggarai country to the west of Flores, with stops in Ruteng, big mountain village, and to Labuhanbajo, picturesque harbor town and starting point for small cruises to Rinca and Komodo. Other small paradise islands and white sand beaches, not to mention the seabed among the richest of the world, can be easily explored.

This formula permits to minimize roads trips to which we prefer Bugis traditional small boats to slide on shallow waters of the region. The nature and animals lovers, amateurs of scuba diving or snorkeling, those who love fishing, and more generally those who always dream to feel like a “pirate” or “Robinson” will love this destination.

It may also be suitable for families with children (so much adventures to tell back!), taking care to take a preventive antimalarial treatment. Honeymooners will spend unforgettable days of romance, although not luxurious, but very close to nature and a strong impression of Eden.


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