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Batubulan, Gianyar
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Sang Nyoman
sang nyoman
41 years old, married with two children. Sang Nyoman is from the village of Pegesangan, east of Gianyar. This English-speaking guide is a member of our team since the beginning in 2003. This Balinese, with his communicative cheerfulness, has become a mascot of Discover Bali Indonesia, a goblin who is never dry of clever ideas! He is a fantastic driver, very resourceful and he sometimes accompanies our travelers until Yogyakarta in Java.


Gde Tamat
43 years old, married with two children, Tamat is from the region of Munduk, Bali. This brilliant English-speaking guide has the peculiarity to like deepening all the subjects and discuss them gladly. He joined our team in 2005 and he became a popular companion for travellers looking for a partner, he is absolutely passionate about his island in all its aspects.


46 years old, married with 4 children. This guide is a pearl of kindness and intelligence and we've had the amazing opportunity of discovering him and not without difficulty, because it is very hard to find professional guides in Toraja Country. His cultural knowledge and clarity are impressive and he is open to discussion which is very rewarding. Being a nature lover, he excels in the management of treks for which he has created his own paths with pride, and he is completely right.


38 years, married with one child. He joined Discover Bali Indonesia as a driver and has gradually moved up to become one of our very best English-speaking guides. His sharpness, his "natural class", with the depth of his intellectual wanderings make him someone with whom everyone is enriched when he spends time with.


41 years old, married and born in Denpasar. Eka is a driver who spoke English quite well when he joined our team in 2008 and has now become an excellent English-speaking guide. He always has the aim of satisfying the desires of our individual travellers. His good nature is legendary and in just few hours he becomes a perfect travel companion.


44 years old, married with two children. The kindness of this English-speaking guide is a gift from God! And with his perfect knowledge of Bali, he became in four years in Discover Bali Indonesia a very complimented guide.


44 years old, married with two children. This English-speaking guide is from Sangeh and is a member of the team since 2005. Dealing with very social issues of his island, he vigorously defends the legacy of his ancestors. He is a man with a big heart and he excels in those little things that give joy to those around him. He is very popular with families who have children for his sweetness, and more generally all those who hope deep exchanges on life and the rebuilding of the world through travel.


41 years old, married with two children. This English-speaking guide is from northern Bali and joined our team in 2005. He is a psychologist, discreet and elegant and he knows how to adapt himself perfectly to the desires of intimacy of our customers. He is one of our 'honeymoon specialists'.


34 years old, married with two children. Roy is a native of Tabanan, Bali and has evolved within Discover Bali Indonesia since 2006. This English-speaking guide who is also in charge of the stays in Java is very appreciated for his natural manner, his sensitivity and his way of life with opened heart. The contact with him is easy and exchanges quickly become exciting. He is a travelling companion, a guide, a simple man and a person whose company is difficult to leave. Fishing is his favourite pastime.


38, married with two children. He is originally from Sanur and is an excellent guide who joined our team in 2006. Culture, nature and biking are his passions for a long time, even before he thinks of becoming a guide. His discretion and kindness are unforgettable.

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