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Jl. Batuyang Kangin 3X
Batubulan, Gianyar
Telp/Fax : +62 361 299 093


The best in the Toraja country

This hotel succeeded to stand out in a hotel industry which is characterized in Toraja country by generalized state of “bankruptcy”, thanks to a serious management and a good maintenance, supported by reinvestment. The bungalows, inspired by traditional Toraja houses, have a very correct standing, even if they are frozen in the 90’s style. The hotel is generally charming with its configuration looking like a Toraja village and the wonderful nature that surrounds it. The pool, very large, will delight those who do not fear cold water. The cuisine has a stunning quality and the breakfast is particularly rich and varied. The best address in Toraja country, which without being luxurious, owns an indisputable charm.


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  Poor Average Very good A jewel
Hospitality and service      
Child friendliness      
Value for money      
Size Less than 6 rooms 7 to 16 rooms 17 to 30 rooms more than 30 rooms
Facilities Swimming pool Spa Diving club Wifi



  • We favor severity when it comes to assessing the quality of accommodation. Few hotels are perfect in every way, and it is our duty to tell you their weaknesses even if they are the best alternative (in some remote areas the hotel choice can be very small, if any ...).
  • The photos were taken by ourselves during our routine inspections. Our goal is to show you the accommodation as they really are, without trying to embellish.
  • The accommodation’s quality may improve with time but also collapse, for various reasons (change of management staff, unmotivated employees, shortage of maintenance ...) sometimes in a period of only several months. We attach great importance to customer’s feedback to review our picking.


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