Hindu Bali

Balinese identify themselves as Hindu. However, the Hindu Bali is marked as the survival of animists which differentiate them from Indian Hindu. The Balinese follow the same trinity Divine Brahma, Shiwa and vishnou and the difference is the supreme god Sanghyang Widi.

The various religious practice the same on a few numbers of points. There is different however in practice from one village to another in Bali and the reason is being the ancient believe of animism of natural forces base.

Hindu is a predominant religion in Indonesia before Islam arrived, it is proved by numerous Hindu Javanese monument in the rest of the island. The Majapahit Hindu kingdom ruled Bali since the 14th century almost the whole of Indonesian territory nowadays. Since 16th century, the Java centre is reserved to protect the artists, the well known priests, cultural artists and rich culture of Bali in the last century.

The daily religious practice is very strong today like in the past. The offerings to gods takes a few times per day, in front of the house and inside the temple, embalm the air in four corners. The ceremonies, processions happened in several part of Bali in an instant. The incense is sacred, day and night seven days a week constituted the great magic of Bali.

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