Javanese Cosmology

In Javanese cosmology the world is created by god (gusti) the same as the Islamic/Christian.

  1. GUSTI created moon, sun, water, wind and even realms of beings such as genies.
    • GENDERUWO – gigantic supernatural attracted the young girls believed to reside on top of big trees.
    • TUYUL the small creatures of 10 years old, live in the river and believed to be employed as theft.
    • TEK-TEKAN: a skeleton like figure that has tendency to steal and control human beings.
    • GUNDUL PRINGIS: a rolling head, live in village and believed to appear in the form of human being if they have strong faith.

  2. BUNIAN: known as the realm of hazy and live like human. Woman peri lives here and is pretty and fragrant.
  3. REALM OF HUMAN BEINGS: they are subjected to laws of nature. They’re born and they are the moment when they spiritually weaker. They are expected to obey the rules, if they break the rules such as dishonest, immoral etc, they are subjected to hell after death.
  4. GUSTI: Also create other realm to accommodate the deceased of human being. The perfect human being who obeyed the law would be admitted to heaven. Human, depending on the amount of evil, they committed they might be admitted to one of realms such as Sunyi suri with good living condition and need no food or drinks. They have to wait for gusti to take them to heaven.


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