Meeting with the west

The great Portuguese explorer”Alfonso De Albuquerque” discovered the spice island of Sumatra in 1510. The exploration initiated to obtain the spices and the contained of pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. They were fighting pirates, the Malay and Javanese.

In 1579, guided by former Portuguese employee Cornelius De Houtman invented Bali. He and his followers fell in love with the island and made friends with the king, a good natured man who had 200 wives rode by two white buffaloes. He had 50 dwarfs whose bodied been distorted into resemblance of sword handle.

He then returned to Holland to spread the news about the discovery of “New Paradise”. Sensation was created in 1601; Heemskerk the great merchant was sent to Bali with expensive presents to the king and in return presents him with beautiful Balinese lady.

The relations between the indies and Europe rapidly deteriorated by the appearance of merchants organization to do unlimited exploration of the island. They initiated war, seized land, monopolized the opium ( the native who found selling the opium would be sentenced to death) and collected higher tax more than those initiated by the prince the company used their way to get to Rajah’s sympathy in order to control Bali, presented them with expensive gifts. No success gained they used politic intrigue by

Selling arms to the enemies of the Balinese with offering assistance against those, they had armed in exchange concessions. The company had already in great difficulty under Dutch government. They finally lost and ended in 1798.

The same year, Bali was facing difficult time, he, sultan of Surakarta ceded to the Dutch right over Bali that never exist. The Balinese prince understood the Dutch supremacy but retained their autonomy. In 1846, it is the question of ancient right of the Balinese confiscated. The cargo of wrecked ship brought the first Dutch military expedition against the kingdom of North Bali ( Buleleng and Djimbrana ) which was under the control of the Dutch since 1882. The Balinese princes were forced to sign treaty in which purely slavery and they are forbidden to establish European power other than the Dutch.

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