Notion of the Family

Siwa is the supreme god, combined effigies of all gods and all the nature forces, he himself is a hermaphrodite (wandu) because of her arbitral forces creature of male and female, perfect combination, the globosity.

Man and female have to generate to close to the divine ”globosity” in unity to base the family that renders a cult to the common ancestor like family temple that exists in each household. The household which composes Village render the same cult to the common ancestor.

The divinity’s effigy presented by the belly button (puseh) the temple of origin. Therefore the family links determine the life of Balinese. The family link which is connecting the individual to the family, their community together with Balinese population in one form of superior relation to our concept of nationality.

The Balinese consider the duty of getting married is very important when such age comes to build a family to have children. Inveterate single is seen as not normal and improper social life within the community. Like the highest priest pedanda, are not conforming orthodoxy Hindu

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