The Village Organization

Just like any other part in Bali, the bale agung is divided into parties depending on the degree of religious holistic, the chief and the council members positioned in the same order.

The new members act as attendant without a seat and not place as bale assistant until the seat is left to them by the death of a member. They advance progressively with age, the entire line moving up each time there is a vacant scat, until the reach the higher places towards the head of the bale agung.

The chief of the council keep a record of each member’s position and the names are written on the palm-leaf. Each family man who owns a house or rice fields in the village territory is compelled to join the village members and his refusal would be punished by denial every assistance , confiscation of his property or even exile from the community. Theoretically all the land in Bali belongs to the gods who lease it to the Balinese to work and live from it

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