The Lombok War

In 1894, the Dutch launched a massive military expedition in Lombok and gave an ultimatum to the Lombok Radja who was under the influence of Gusti Gede Jelantik, the king of Karang Asem, a good friend with the Dutch.  The ultimatum was accepted on condition that Radja to pay for war indemnity of one million guilder and the capital is controlled. 

Meeting was upheld between the Balinese and the Sasak.  The Army remained in the capital for a few weeks giving military artillery while waiting for the indemnity payment. Soon there were rumors of dissension between the princes and the old Radja and the Balinese became antipathy and they no longer visited the camp. And no women came to the market. The Dutch prepared to defense.  That night they were attacked and the compound was surrounded. 

Without much success the army moved towards the sea, leaving 100 people died and 300 injured and among the victim was General Van Ham, the second in command who was taken prisoner but remained respectful attitude.  The prisoners are fed with rice and coconut juice and the injured were cleaned and changed with new bandages regularly.  After a day the prisoners were released with a letter from the prince and stating this is for the sake of friendship and to prove the end of hostility.  But the letter was ignored by the chief commander. 

The decimated army erected new fortification protected by the warship.  The defeat went through Java and Holland the press flared up against the sinister treachery of the Balinese.  Immediately the large reinforcement of men and heavy artillery were sent from Java.  The fortification erected that the Sasak to fight against the Balinese. The offensive was started against the capitals. The army advancing them to ground after looting them. Mataram and Cakranegara are two princes’ residential were blown up. 

The mataram was captured first.  People would rather die than captured by the enemy. Once occupied, Mataram was ordered razed to the ground. The destructions took over two months.  The Dutch biggest enemy, Anak Agung Ketut was killed. The old Radja was captured and exiled to Batavia and died there and the end of Balinese rule in Lombok.

The Dutch lost 214 and 476 wounded and the others died of fatigue 246 for this conquest.


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