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Roemahku Heritage Solo

Built in 1938, building of Roemahkoe strongly depicts the stylish Art Deco. At Roemahkoe, grecious living in a mix of subtle sophistication and unique elegance. The style of Roemahkoe is very much inspired by great Javanese traditional and architecture.

Built in 1938, as a private residence for the family of wealthy batik merchant and lovingly restored in 2000 as a small heritage hotel. The original design of the Roemahkoe building was much inspired by great javanese traditional architecture mixed with a heavy dose of Art Deco style that was so popular at the time. From the moment a guest step into the lobby, one can feel the subtle sophistication from a period in time almost a century ago that was so gracious, elegant, and romantic.

While Staying at Roemahkoe, you will have many things to do. if you prefer to spend leisure time in hotel, you may enjoy easy reading in the reading room with a cup of hot coffee or perhaps taste some authentic Solo Culinary specialties at the Roemahkoe Restourant. Other traditions you can explore at Roemahkoe include learning about batik, how to play gamelan or have your future read by an expert in Javanese astrology known as Primbon. The more one delves into Javanese culture and traditions, the more fascinated one will become!

For those with a greater sense of adventure, you can jump on a pedicab or "becak" and tour the many winding alleys and side streets behind Roemahkoe in a famous batik Village, known as Lawean. There are many cottage industries in lawean that have been producing batik in a very traditional manner for hundreds of years. Visit the artistans, see work and buy a beautiful handmade souvenir to bring home!


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  • We favor severity when it comes to assessing the quality of accommodation. Few hotels are perfect in every way, and it is our duty to tell you their weaknesses even if they are the best alternative (in some remote areas the hotel choice can be very small, if any ...).
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